Breakout Sessions «Literature & Etc.»

    By proposing an anthropological reading of the world, similarly to what happens with other artistic manifestations, literature represents a privileged space of dialogue between the individual and the world, giving him the possibility to objectify fears, discuss enigmas and share wonders. Since the dialogic nature of literature is grounded in the transversality of reading, it is crucial to encourage the dissolution of boundaries cutting off the academic context, where the study of literature typically takes place, from the experience of reading which is carried out beyond university walls, providing the common reader with a fresh outlook on his own dialogue with the world (and the world of literature). 
    Jointly organized by the Centre for Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Aveiro City Council and the Aveiro Experimental Circle of Visual Artists (Aveiroarte), the project entitled «Literature & Etc.» will consist of monthly open sessions, aimed at all the community, concerning a variety of topics which may help readers rethink their dialogue with the world through the lens of literature (i.e. Literature and God, Literature and Music, Literature and Politics…). Sessions will take place at Galeria Morgados da Pedricosa, in Aveiro, and will count on the participation of invited personalities of Portuguese and Foreign cultural life.

Sessões Abertas “Literatura & Etc.”