About Perpetuum Mobile Line


    The research line, in the investigation of which we propose to employ multiple methodologies around the thematic pole of mobility, will be the site of pluri-disciplinary activity, with a view to stimulating a fertile synergy between various fields of knowledge.  The process of defining the line - Perpetuum mobile: Poetics of Mobility in Literature and Culture - has taken into consideration the critico-methodological scope of the concept of mobility – and of notions related with nomadic identities, dislocations and tranculturation.
    Keeping in view the cohesive integration of research activities, it is intended that the multiple literary and cultural expressions of mobility must be, from a diachronic and synchronic viewpoint, our prime object of study in the subarea entitled Poetics of Mobility in Literature and Culture. Branching out from this centralizing theme, two additional areas of research have been defined, both intimately related with two specific concepts encompassed by mobility: errancy and diaspora.
    We thus believe that the theoretical and transtemporal nature of the first defined subarea – Poetics of Mobility in Literature and Culture. – will be complemented, in an attempt of in-depth analysis, by conceptual revisitings and/or diachronic reinvestigations in these subareas, which flow out from and dialogue dialectically with it: The Moving Text which proposes to research the essay as metaphorical mobility and/or text in motion, and Diaspora and Science, which elects to study diaspora as journey and exile, in interrelationship with the cultural and scientific development of the 16th and 17th centuries.