Among the topics we wish to address at this International Conference on the flows of texts across languages and cultures, we wish to highlight the following:

  1. Cultural mobility and the crossovers of disciplines
  2. Dynamics of mediation – literature and culture
  3. Aesthetic migration: places of encounter, places of missed engagement
  4. Poetics in dialogue: intercultural constellations
  5. Studies of intercultural reception and hermeneutics
  6. Travels and images
  7. Territorial and textual mobility
  8. Readings and rereadings: intertextuality, intermediality
  9. Interdiscursivity
  10. Translation and cultural filters
  11. Translation and terminology
  12. Translation and editing
  13. Domestication and foreignization
  14. Linguistic variation
  15. Language and its speakers: language in different environments
  16. Second and third language acquisition (L2, L3, L4, Lx)
  17. Cultural hybridity and multilingualism



Deadline for Registration:  31 March 2017
(Registration is mandatory)

Notification of acceptance: 30 April 2017