Lecture Series New Wanderings of Pícaro 2016

    Organised by the Research Line Perpetuum Mobile: Poetics of Mobility in Literature and Culture, this conference cycle, to take place throughout 2016, seeks to reflect about one of the literary characters more patently connected to wandering and mobility: the rogue or pícaro. Embodying a kind of anti-heroic counterpart of the wandering knight, this character is the protagonist of endless adventures and misadventures, a condition that allows him to cast a critical eye over all social layers. Following Lazarillo, the character who was immortalized in the mid 16th century by an anonymous author, new figures of fiction, both in literature and other arts, have unceasingly revisited and reshaped Lazarillo’s peculiarities, originating a prolific process of rewriting. In this conference cycle we propose to map out these new wanderings of the rogue.

Ciclo de Conferências Novas Andanças do Pícaro 2016